Christmas Family Session at the Beach

Three Nelson sisters have come together over Christmas to spend time with their parents at French Pass. One sister has flown in with her children and husband all the way from the Gold Coast especially, meaning a few tired souls.  

With the weather report not looking very flash we decided to risk it and head to the beach anyway. The clouds and stormy weather cleared and we were left with brilliant sunshine. Tired kids looked like this was going to make me work for my money, but with a little time to relax into it they were fantastic (with help from some antics by a couple of dads!). Sand, sea and some planes to entertain them we had a great couple of hours. 

Merry Christmas, time for me to take some R&R now!

Ali x

Ruby - 4 months

Little Ruby and her mum came to see me, she was a bundle of energy to start with. Wriggling and giggling all over the place. Her mum is a ballet teacher so Ruby has her own adorable first pair of ballet shoes already.  

A four month old is a tricky one to capture in a photo session, they never sit still and are way over the sleepy baby stage. But I was fortunate that she is a lovely happy wee girl, full of smiles and with a huge pair of blue eyes that draw you right it. And finally, she fell asleep and we were able to capture that peaceful little girl, which i'm sure her mum will love to see and reflect on as she gets older and more like a toddler. Babies only stay little for such a short's lovely to be able to capture this moment for parents forever.

A Beautiful Evening at the Beach

I have the pleasure of living near the beach, it is one of my favorite places to be. So when these two stunning sisters came along, with their gorgeous blonde locks and big blue eyes I knew the beach was the perfect setting. 

With late sun slowly stetting the sky was perfect and the light amazing. With models like this it makes my job very easy! 

Thank you Heidi & Claudia, perfect models. And a bonus of fish and chips at the beach after!


Floral Headbands by Miss FlowerGirl