Boulder Bank Maternity Shoot

My client is pregnant at pretty much full term, baby number 3. Probably another boy to add to the previous two. With my request of would you prefer and early start or a early evening she bravely chose to brave the cold morning. When I get my gear into my car it was -1 and the car was frozen, it was also dark still. I gave her a friendly text reminder that I would see her in half an hour to make sure she was still game. I packed camera gear and more importantly a thermos of Milo, a hot water bottle and a large blanket.

We ventured out to the Boulder Bank here in Nelson, the morning sky was really showing its beautiful colours. Frost still everywhere but without a complaint Donna threw off her puffa jacket and Ugg boots and rocked her shoot like a pro in a warmer climate. Here's a few of her shots, I think anyone would love to look this good pregnant or not! 

We continue her maternity shoot next week with some indoor shots...I'm looking forward to a later and warmer start to my day!